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Wild Palms

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Wild Palms are:

Darrell Hawkins (guitar)
Lou Hill (vocals & other stuff)
Gareth Jones (bass)
James Parish (drums)

from Southgate/Chatham, UK.

In existence little over a year, the London quartet’s striking debut single ‘Over Time’, and a run of dates with Good Shoes at the end of last year served notice that Wild Palms are serious contenders with a brace of diverse influences that include – but not limited to – Can, Beefheart, Sonic Youth, TV on the Radio, Billy Childish and Liquid Liquid, Neu!, New Order & Talking Heads.

Says singer Lou Hill of the new partnership, “We just feel very happy with our situation and glad that we are signing with a label like One Little Indian whose stance on the music business seems to be completely in-line with our philosophy. The most attractive aspect of One Little Indian is that they allow us complete creative control, something that if we were not given I think it would be completely detrimental to us as people and as a band. One Little Indian were very enthusiastic from the very start and I hope we can repay that interest. We have the security of 3 albums and are being given the time and space to evolve and develop, which we are looking forward to eagerly. Here’s to a very fruitful relationship.”

The band have been in the studio with Gareth Jones (Grizzly Bear, Clinic, Interpol, Wire, Depeche Mode) working on fresh material for a album release at the end of this Year – expect to hear new single ‘Deep Dive’ in August. As one might expect from a bunch of forward thinkers like Wild Palms, things are moving on quickly.

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